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Tax payers in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg ripped off again

By the way, most of the people don't realize this but there's quite a difference between a European billion, and a US one: "Definitions of billion on the Web: in Europe (in USA trillion) - in USA (in Europe milliard) - Url.:


This is what happened earlier: Fortis/Rothshild article on Haloscan - Url.:

by Henk Ruyssenaars

Amsterdam - September 29 - 2008 -
Financially seen, it's really a 'Black Monday' today. While the people in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg as usual were not informed and last night went to sleep, Euro 11.2 billion (£9 bn - $US 16.2 bln) of their tax money was ripped off by their so called governments and given away to the banking cartel criminals who had set them up. It was a heist similar to the $US 700 Paulson/Bernanke Fed grab in the US.

This pouring out of so much tax money, €11.2billion, was 'necessary' the treacherous EU spokesmen and collaborating PM's and compliant ministers of finance explained: "to save Fortis". The robbers claimed that otherwise ''the shock waves would have been felt in the whole of European Union'' with its 26 countries and 495 million inhabitants. The same fake excuse as in the US, and the same financial cartel with its gangsters. And the so called 'governments' have NO control over the banks whatsoever. The political personnel uses 11.2 billion tax Euros to nationalize the debts, but can't check anything?

Most of those people will protest this thievery when they'll understand what's been going on again, because many know that there are only two kinds of people: those who pay taxes, and those who live and profit from tax payers.


The Guardian paper in the UK - which of course supports the robbers in between the lines - now on Monday (29-9-8) writes ''that was acted to prevent the Fortis financial group's collapse''. This is crap, but the official smoke and mirror story. Like in the rest of the major mainstream media the robbers also own. In reality - the by them made reality - the London cartel got away with 11.2 billion Euro in again stolen tax money, criminally pledged by their european collaborators.

The London cartel earlier named (he was NOT chosen by the 495 million Europeans) one of their own crooks - Peter Mandelson - as the boss of the European power and profit production unit, European Union. And to understand how for instance robbers run a business: the bookkeeping of this huge EU has NOT been audited for the last thirteen years.


One of the BIS clowns is Jean-Claude Trichet, the European central bank chief, and he is assisted by the criminal Neelie Kroes, the Dutch EU commissioner for competition. Kroes is 'one of them' and incompetent too. She got that even in writing, October 11 - 2004, but her London cartel buddies told the EU to give her the job. The ''Top 50 Women to Watch'' - the list in their propaganda sheet The Wall Street Journal Kroes is among the first ten powerful women. So, Bilderberger Kroes runs the EU errands now for the warlords and profiteers. - Url.:

And, just in case people are wondering where all the money goes: it is 'recycled' through the rather secret 'head office' of this London Rothschild financial group in Basle, Switzerland, the like the Bank of England or Federal Reserve in the US privately owned 'Bank for International Settlements', the BIS. This is Rothschild's 'Central bank' to all other central banks they run. The BIS has greater immunity than a sovereign nation, is accountable to no one, runs global monetary affairs and is privately owned. And the whole cartel - which is often there, with 'a room at the top' and their own jets - are the money mafia members: Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson, trichet, Kroes, Mandelson, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Wolfowitz etc. etc. It's 'Crooks United' all over. And you're not going to believe what they do with your money! - BIS Url.:


To give you an idea how powerful Rothschild's BIS bandits are: they have announced a plan to "audit" the Federal Reserve, something that even the US Government or Congress can’t do. Speculation: Oh,... and if The Bank for International Settlements has some auditing 'authority' over the Federal Reserve, and Public companies have their stock in the Deposit Trust that is part of the Federal Reserve,... then what happens to those stocks should the BIS decide that the Federal Reserve is insolvent and they should be 'taken over'? This could be the structure for the consolidation of most of the wealth of the planet into the hands of a select class that the conspirists have been screaming about for decades. - Url.:

Anyhow: hundreds of millions of people got ripped off again in the same system as always: debts are made and 'socialized', and the money grabbing criminals are rewarded for their crime which becomes 'nationalized. Meaning the tax payer picks up the tab again, for generations to come.

And the profits of course are privatized: fat cats getting fatter again.

It's quite clear: this usury system has to go.

One way or another...




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zondag 28 september 2008


Financial Collapse and Destructive War

by J. R. Nyquist

I took a break while working on this column and read an email which contained the following phrase: “several U.S. Treasury charts are not unlike what you see before a country goes into default.” The email writer noted, “That really would be ‘game over’ for the United States. “

If the United States went bankrupt the following sequence would occur: The U.S. government would lose its credibility, the country’s currency would fail and imports could not be maintained – especially oil imports. There would be shortages. But the sequence doesn’t end with shortages. It doesn’t end with mere economic loss. When the financial structure collapses, the national security structure collapses. Then nothing will restrain the military power of Russia and China.

A few days ago Russia’s representative to NATO, Dimitry Rogozin, made a striking statement. He warned that the Europeans risk war if Georgia joins the alliance. “We will terminate all contact with NATO because we cannot cooperate with an organization which supports an aggressor against us. If NATO makes another mistake in its relations with the East, we will be unable to continue our relations. Our people will not understand. For us, it is a ‘red line.’” He then characterized Mikhail Saakashvili as a war criminal and “puppet of the United States.” Rogozin warned that Europe should stay out of the “somebody else’s war, which is a war against Russia.”

What did Rogozin mean by this? If the Europeans know what is good for them, they will leave the Americans to fend for themselves. In other words – Europe must break with the United States. The real conflict is between Russia and America. Europe need not get involved. The Kremlin’s position was clarified recently by Prime Minister Putin. He said that George Bush was a good man, but that George Bush was no longer in charge of the U.S. government. Evil advisors have taken over in Washington, and these must be dealt with.

If you follow Russia closely, and listen to the words of Russian leaders, then you know that there is a low-level war being fought between Russia and America. In fact, it is a war of national survival and Russia is determined to prevail. This has not been stated directly, but was indirectly alluded to by Vladimir Putin when he spoke to the Russian people after the Beslan massacre in 2004. “Despite all the difficulties,” said Putin in a televised speech, “we have managed to preserve the core of the colossus that was the Soviet Union.” And that core has come under attack. “Someone” wants to destroy what remains of the USSR.

The Russian leadership is consistent in its policy. Talk of Russia’s “partnership” with America has always been a smokescreen. The Kremlin seeks to justify future military action against the United States and has long been building a case. The Kremlin wants America cut off from its allies, and has patiently waited for the advent of financial collapse as the signal to push hard for Europe’s neutrality. As explained in previous columns, this is the basis of Russia’s recent turn of policy.

“Some want to cut a juicy morsel from us,” said Putin in 2004, referring to the oil-rich Caucasus region. “Others are helping them. They are helping because they believe that, as one of the world’s major nuclear powers, Russia still poses a threat to them, and therefore this threat must be removed. And terrorism, of course, is only a tool for achieving these goals.” They want to break the back of the Russian state. They want to deprive Russia of its nuclear arsenal because it “still” threatens them. “This is a challenge to the whole of Russia,” Putin explained, “to the whole of our people. This is an attack on our country.” The plan is to “intimidate” Russia with “inhuman cruelty,” to “paralyze our will and demoralize our society.” The Russian president added: “It would appear that we have a choice of resisting them or agreeing to their claims, surrendering or allowing them to destroy and split Russia….”

It is a case of kill or be killed, split or be split. Russia is therefore at war with America. “One cannot fail to see the obvious,” said Putin. “We are not just dealing with separate actions aimed at frightening us, or separate terrorist sorties. We are dealing with direct intervention by way of terrorism against Russia, with total, cruel and full-scale war in which our compatriots die again and again.”

Putin is lying, of course. He knows that the wars of the Caucasus were contrived by the Russian General Staff and the KGB. The Kremlin has long operated on the basis of a secret policy. This policy includes the retreat from ideology, the abdication of the Communist Party and false liberalization. KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn described this secret policy five years before the Berlin Wall came down, warning that a long-range strategy had been jointly agreed upon by Russia and China in 1960. He outlined the details of the planned collapse of Communism: including the unification of Germany, the elimination of the Warsaw Pact and the push for European neutrality at the outset of a renewed Cold War. To be sure, no policy works exactly as the planners envisioned. There were setbacks and delays. But the objective of the conspiracy remains. It is global revolution. This was Lenin’s conception. This was also the rationale of the Soviet state and the mission of the KGB.

The collapse of the Soviet Union was conceived as a strategic maneuver in the late 1950s. It was discussed by KGB Chairman Alexander Shelepin at a secret meeting in 1959. The KGB infiltrated and financed various dissident movements inside the Soviet Bloc. The future role of these movements was clear. A period of fake democracy would be initiated and the West would be “put to sleep.” The Communists in the East denied their faith publicly. They repeated Lenin’s New Economic Policy with a straight face and their hands out.

When Communism lost its official standing in Russia, the Communists discovered the feebleness of their revolutionary order. They discovered that fraud is a two-way street. The party bosses weren’t the only ones who could steal, cheat and lie. The reality of the Soviet economy was, in part, expressed in a simple formula: “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.” A fraudulent system engenders a fraudulent citizenry and a hollow center. The Soviet public suspected the official ideology was rotten with lies; so once the bankruptcy of the system was publicly admitted the people were confirmed in their cynicism. Besides this, they never really cared about class struggle. The ruling ideology was not theirs. They did not choose it willingly, or embrace it enthusiastically. It was imposed on them by Lenin and Stalin. Only a sub-faction within the aspiring cadre of the Communist Party Soviet Union appreciated Marxist concepts. For such people, Communist ideas signified foreknowledge and power. It was the science and method, pure and rigorous, of global revolutionary conquest. It was a method of seizing power, winning wars and crushing enemies. That is why Mao Zedong scoffed at the atomic bomb. Weapons don’t decide everything, he said. Man decides what happens, and men are guided by ideas, and the ideas of Marx and Lenin are “more powerful than a machine gun,” and more destructive than the atomic bomb.

To understand the power of Communist ideas we must come to terms with the emergence of the modern nihilistic misfit and his special brand of narcissistic megalomania. Lenin once wrote that there is no such thing as Communist dogma. This statement may confuse the party idiots, but it clarifies the real situation for the politically perceptive. The apparent abdication of the Communists during the period 1989-91 was a subterfuge long in the making. It was conceivable by the strategists in Moscow because the framework of their ideology involved the integration of sociology, economics and psychology with politics and war. It represented the science of “divide and conquer” carried to perfection.

Today the name of Hitler has become a caricature. In our mind’s eye we see the carpet-chewing megalomaniac foaming at the mouth, screaming hate before demented crowds, parading around with goose-stepping soldiers. We call Hitler a “madman” and dismiss him as an aberration. We fool ourselves by thinking there is nobody like him today. But the leaders in Moscow and Beijing are more cunning and better equipped for mass extermination than Hitler ever was. The leaders of the totalitarian countries, behind the façade of liberal reform, are serial killers imprinted with an impulse to butchery. They want more victims, and they want the victims piled ever higher. These are the blood-proofs of their power, and the ultimate assurance of longed-for preeminence.

If the ancient Romans destroyed Carthage without nuclear weapons, without modern instruments of war, what will Moscow and Beijing do to the United States when America is paralyzed by financial collapse? Again and again I am asked the question: Why would the leaders of Russia or China want to destroy the United States? One might as well ask why Hitler sought the destruction of the Jews. Why did Genghis Khan exterminate entire cities and depopulate entire regions of the earth? You say that these are the acts of “madmen.” But history is populated with madmen.

Everyone can see that Lenin’s successors have refused to bury him. They buried Stalin. They buried Khrushchev. They buried everyone in the country. But they refuse to bury Lenin. He lays in state, in his mausoleum, the great symbol of Communism’s persistence and the KGB’s ongoing mission. The cadre stays the course. The dynamos continue to propel the great engine of destruction. They are there, wearing their masks – in league with their comrades around the globe (in Cuba, in Venezuela, in Bolivia, in South Africa, in Congo, in the American universities). Only when they bury Lenin, only when the Red Tsar is laid to rest, should we accept the death of Communism as an authentic happening in Russia. You see, it doesn’t matter if one percent of a country actually adheres to something. If that one percent is driven to dominate, if that one percent guides the machine, if that one percent makes policy and follows the same old strategy, then the rest are fodder. They are grist for a terrible mill. Ideas are decisive in every system, even if those ideas are a rationale for mass murder, even if those ideas only appeal to thieves and murderers. The killer has an impulse to kill, the tyrant to tyrannize and the warmonger to make war. Vladimir Putin has referred to himself as a “Soviet person.” He has publicly decried the fall of the Soviet Union. He has overseen the return of Soviet symbols to the Russian military, the rebuilding and modernization of key elements of the old Soviet war machine. Whether he is a true tsar or the public face of a secret ruling group, the spirit of Lenin bleeds through his cold Napoleonic façade.

America’s financial collapse threatens to uncork the totalitarian genie from its bottle. I believe it is too late to stop the worst from happening. The sequence has begun. The Kremlin knew that a financial crash was about to take place. They’ve been waiting on it. They are prepared to exploit it. And the Americans are completely oblivious. They are utterly unprepared.


zaterdag 27 september 2008

vrijdag 26 september 2008

Vrijbit update

Zoals je weet is de vereniging Vrijbit een nog zeer jonge vereniging, maar wel een met ambitie. De vereniging Vrijbit is opgericht om alle informatie op gebied van aantasting burgerrechten op persoonlijke vrijheid en lichamelijke integriteit centraal te verzamelen en beschikbaar te stellen voor iedereen die zich wil informeren of zich wil verzetten tegen de aantasting van de privacy in de ruimste betekenis van het woord. Vanuit die gedachte willen we een koepel organisatie creëren waar mensen met elkaar in contact kunnen komen, waar ideeën uitgewisseld kunnen worden en we het verzet tegen alle aanslagen op onze vrijheid structureler kunnen aanpakken.

Ons doel is om uit te groeien naar een grote burgerrechtenorganisatie, waarbij alle aandachtsvelden door mensen die dat op zich willen nemen worden gecoördineerd.

Zoals het eerste project van Vrijbit, de organisatie van Volksopstand2008 een ludieke protestmanifestatie in het kader van de internationale actiedag Freedom Not fear, waarbij we graag willen dat er zoveel mogelijk mensen op 11 oktober 2008 naar het Plein in Den Haag komen, om te protesteren tegen alles wat onze vrijheid bedreigd en vooral om een signaal af te geven aan de politiek dat we onderhand met velen zijn en niet wensen dat onze Democratie tenondergaat aan allerlei privacy beperkende maatregelen, die ondertussen een waslijst vormen die te lang is voor deze email.

Laat zien dat we met velen zijn en dat we bereid zijn om voor onze burgerrechten in actie te komen. Dat onze burgerrechten wel degelijk belangrijk voor ons zijn en dat er genoeg mensen zijn die zich niet verschuilen achter de redenering: "ik heb toch niks te verbergen?"

Want dat u niks te verbergen heeft wil nog niet zeggen dat het opslaan van al uw telecommunicatie gegevens, uw reisgedrag, uw biometrische kenmerken, het opdringen van 'gevaarlijke' identificatie methoden en het ongelimiteerd observeren, afluisteren, en registreren van de burger, en zoveel mogelijk persoonlijke informatie en lichamelijke kenmerken opslaan in grote centrale databanken bijdragen aan uw veiligheid.

In tegendeel zelfs, er zijn voldoende voorbeelden van hoe data lekken en gegevens verlies mensen in problemen kan brengen, hoe registratie methoden onbedoeld dissidenten en journalisten in gevaar kunnen brengen, hoe gemakkelijk menselijke fouten gemaakt worden of databanken misbruikt worden, of hoe vaak de techniek ons in de steek laat en op basis van valse gegevens mensen in de gevangenis belanden, of erger...

Nogmaals de oproep om een actieve bijdrage te leveren aan de volksopstand en het informeren van de burger over de nadelen en gevaren van de vele privacy beperkende maatregelen. Alle organisaties, groot of klein krijgen de gelegenheid om een bijdrage te leveren aan het programma van de volksopstand, mocht u of uw organisatie een actieve bijdrage aan de volksopstand kunnen leveren, neem dan contact op via het contactformulier onze website of of stuur een email naar

Speciaal voor mensen die zich als vrijwilliger willen aanmelden of organisaties die een actieve bijdrage aan de volksopstand willen leveren organiseren we op Zaterdag 27 september een bijeenkomst in Utrecht vanf 14:00 uur waar u kennis kunt maken of uw ideeën omtrent de volksopstand of de vereniging vrijbit met ons te delen. De bijeenkomst vind plaats op het volgende adres:

Vereniging Vrijbit

Kruisweg 32

3513 CT


Aanvang 14:00 uur

Vrijbit is pas recent opgericht en staat pas aan het begin van wat we uiteindelijk willen bereiken, daarbij kunnen we alle hulp goed gebruiken want we staan uiteraard voor een gigantische klus.

Vandaar dat we iedereen oproepen om ruchtbaarheid te geven aan deze manifestatie op elke manier die je maar voor handen ligt. Zet eens een stukje op je favoriete forum of blog, en nodig zoveel mogelijk mensen uit om ook naar de volksopstand te komen. Download een van de posters of flyers op en druk ze af met je printer.

Het laten maken van posters en flyers is een kostbare aangelegenheid en een ieder die een financiële bijdrage wil leveren aan de promotie van de volksopstand2008 kan een donatie doen op bankreknr. 786722479 t.n.v. Vrijbit in Utrecht o.v.v. "bijdrage drukkosten"

Je kunt de vereniging Vrijbit ook steunen door lid te worden,

voor €12,50 ben je meteen lid tot 1 jan. 2010

Je kunt lid worden door €12,50 over te maken op :

Bankreknr: 786722479

t.n.v. Vrijbit in Utrecht

o.v.v. Lidmaatschap

Bedankt voor uw steun!

Vereniging Vrijbit

Kruisweg 32

3513 CT


Triodosbank no 786.722.479

KvK: 30242897


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Fuck Authority!

Thursday morning's "pick me up" from the Blue Barn!

FPF-fwd.: Michael Caddell

Date: Thursday - 25 September 2008


A perfect "double tapered" pick me up for Thursday morning!

Click **here - Url.:

Also, TGIF, Friday Night Felony on Radio Free Kansas<>- Editor and
Publisher Bruce Anderson of the "last American newspaper" the weekly Anderson Valley Advertiser. Folks this is one discussion to listen in on, especially you Kansas newspaper gumshoes. Beginning at 10pm (central).

Perfect timing to call in after the debates and square off with me,
yer curmudgeonly country editor-in-chief. *646-716-8652*

And on Saturday night's Prime Suspect, when all else fails, some opera clips and listen in to a call I made today to Dr. Chalmers Johnson when I ask him "How does America declare bankruptcy?" Beginning at 8pm (central).

Sunday Night Stakeout, well it's anybodies guess at my audio potluck beginning at 8pm.

Enjoy the pick-me-up!

*"It's a fool who looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart"* - Ulysess Everett McGill "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" - Url.:

Michael Caddell - Email:

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There is NO war on terrorism!

by Jack Duggan

Repost - 25 September 2008 -
All the stories we see in the TV news, print and Internet media today are like mice in a small room occupied by a grizzly bear. We can see the bear, hear him panting and growling as he attempts to stomp on us, but everyone pretends he's just not there, even though he's eating all the food and we mice are starving.

The bear is the U.S. government and media cover up of the 9/11 attacks. They never came close to proving that foreign "terrorists" were involved. Of all four missing planes' passenger manifests, not one Middle Easterner was on any of them. A jihadist who is bravely going to his death for the sake of his beliefs in Allah and Islam is a martyr and wants the whole world to know it. Martyr's families receive reverential praise and support in their communities for decades. Yet not one of the "terrorists" the American government insists were on the aircraft used their real names or were listed on the passenger lists. At least seven of the nineteen 'hijackers' are still alive.

The 9/11 attacks were created for justification of U.S. covert plans to grab influence over oil politics in the Middle East and as an excuse to take away the rest of Americans' liberties through a manufactured threat-scenario called, "The War On Terror."

What good are all the thousands of articles about politics, global warming, education, scandals, religion, economics and how we must always go out and vote so that we can "make a difference"? If our votes really did make a difference, they'd be illegal.


Who cares about such articles when the cover up of what really happened on 9/11 is hands-off, an untouchable leper? What good are they when in the name of a phony "terrorist attack," our way of life no longer exists except at the pleasure of corporate-driven federal socialists? We are being starved of our liberties by a ursus horribulus that stomps every mouse who dares get in his way or mention that he's there.

I see a lot of authors write all around the grizzly bear, almost approaching the truth, but none seem to have the conviction to call for an open door to run the bear out of the house. Our Founding Fathers would have made a bearskin rug.

I will tell you here and tell you now with no equivocation:

There is absolutely no need for the PATRIOT Act, the FEMA Police, Homeland Security, airline and stadium searches and warrantless monitoring of every phone call and e-mail conversation we make.


Every branch of federal government has been suborned, including the U.S. Supreme Court, whose judicial activists invent law and have recently canceled our rights to own property, in Kelo v. City of New London, making eminent-domain confiscations of our homes to increase politicians' tax profits 'constitutional.'

Central government today is one-hundred times worse than under George III, yet how many Americans can see this? Perhaps most don't want to see it, because it might compel them to drop their precious remote controls.


If there was, the whole nation would be told to take up arms. Everybody would be armed, even on aircraft. Inexpensive AK47's would be stored in every closet, much like arms are stored in homes all over Switzerland because the Swiss government has nothing to fear from its populace. There is only a war against our freedom in the name of a created threat that doesn't exist. We have been duped into surrendering our liberty in the false name of security by a government that sends us out into the "War On Terror" unarmed because we cannot be trusted with guns. The most basic of all rights is the right of self defense against criminal attacks. A great equalizer between the weak and the strong, guns in the hands of women could reduce assaults upon them by stronger male attackers by 80%. How can it be said that women have equal rights if they cannot carry, yet Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush all hide behind guns for their protection because they're much more important than our wives, sisters and daughters? Again, the only 'war' is on our freedoms.

People are so used to being indoctrinated by government that they have actually been convinced to ignore their own eyes. Everyone who saw the videos of the World Trade Center Towers saw them fall exactly like other high-rise buildings that were dropped by sequential demolition charges, at the speed of gravity because there was no structural resistance below to impede their collapse into their basement footprints. Yet almost every viewer has been convinced by the lap-dog media that measly jet-fuel fires could melt the massive steel girders of both buildings, then make everything collapse. Just like a pilot's foot pedals could make a passenger jet burst into flames, then crash in Rockaway, NY. Apparently the federal government has learned that the public will buy any lie, no matter how absurd, if it's repeated often enough.

There were dozens and dozens of reports by rescue workers on the ground at the WTC complex that heard explosions over an hour after the planes crashed into the towers. They felt explosions under their feet that were so powerful that seismographs registered them at 2.1 and 2.3 on the Richter scale. Only explosions could have caused them.


The weekend before the 9/11 WTC demolition, all power was shut down to install "computer cables." No one was allowed inside and all security cameras and alarms had no power for 30 hours. Computer cables don't connect with building electricity, so the need to turn off and close both towers to do so is indicative of another motive, like planting charges without alarms and video surveillance. Marvin Bush, brother to President George and Jeb, was a principal in Securacom, which was in charge of security for the World Trade Center. Didn't hear that on the TV news, did you?

Suckers who still buy into the monumental lie that aircraft crashes caused the collapse of both WTC Towers, cannot explain how a steel beam weighing twice as much as a Boeing 767 flew from one WTC building over 390 feet to bury itself very deeply into the neighboring American Express building.

Even harder to explain is why WTC Building 7, a block away, collapsed "because of fire," when it received no damage from the Twin Towers' collapse. No other skyscraper in the world ever collapsed because of a fire of any type, including that from a B25 bomber crashing into the Empire State Building decades ago.


Of all the air crashes in the USA over the past three decades, how many ground crashes resulted in not recovering their black boxes, containing pilots' voices (CVR's) and aircraft telemetries (FDR's) before and during impact? Yet not one usable black box was ever recovered from any of the four planes that reputedly were hijacked on 9/11. Not one.

Flight 93 that contained the "Let's roll!" myth, where four passengers supposedly tried to overpower the hijackers, did not crash into one small area like it should have. It's debris was spread over 8 miles, indicating that it was shot down by a military fighter jet, exploding in the sky and raining down debris over eight miles, "like confetti."

The WTC was the biggest crime, mass murder, 'hijackings' and air crashes in US history. Yet all the forensic evidence was immediately removed, buried or shipped to smelters so that not one investigator from any agency could inspect it. Who has that kind of power?

President Bush and all his staff swore to God to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America , then apparently went on to violate their oaths of office by completely ignoring the Constitution. Bush maintains that he can ignore the U.S. Constitution and tap into private computers, phone lines, medical records and any other private citizens' data whenever he wants, by his self-declared doctrine of "Unitary Executive.² He claims that as Commander-In-Chief the president is the sole judge of the law, is unbound by the Geneva Conventions against torture and possesses inherent authority to subordinate the entire government to his rule - including Congress and the courts.

Bush also originated "Extraordinary Rendition.² This program, also condoned by Vice President Dick Cheney, involves the clandestine transfer of suspected terrorists to countries ruled by regimes that torture and commit other forms of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Dr. William F. Schulz, executive director of Amnesty International USA, referring to a set of CIA flight logs obtained by his organization, said the logs were ³...irrefutable proof that the United States is Œdisappearing¹ people into secret facilities where they are held incommunicado without charge, trial, or access to the outside world.²


The American Reichstag Fire of the 9/11 "terrorist attacks" was created so that the American public would back the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Iran in the name of "The War On Terror," while stripping away the rights of the same American public. The results have been the same as in Nazi Germany, suspensions of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and private ownership of property. Citizens are forbidden to own the same weapons that their "servants," their police and military, carry to defend themselves. There is literally more freedom in most Third-World countries than now in the USA, which has ten times the per-capita prison population than the People's Republic of China.

Alexis de Tocqueville wisely observed, ³I know of no country in which there is so little independence of mind and real freedom of discussion as in America.²

The 'War On Terror' is a sham to enable U.S. power to confiscate, to torture, to imprison without due process and to invade any country that the military-industrial complex fancies. When God was kicked out of public life, we know who stepped in.



When are citizens going to demand that the cover up of 9/11 be kicked out the door along with the people who invented it? When will the truth be told, that THERE IS NO WAR ON TERROR, but only on oil and on citizens' rights?

The bear is there, but where are the mice with the courage to force him out the door?


Source: First published 16.02.2006 - URL:

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The origin of the 9/11 mysterious 'melt down'? - Url.:

The Rise and Fall of the US Reich - Url.:



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maandag 22 september 2008

Mushroom Cloud over Wall Street

By Mike Whitney

"One bank to rule them all;
One bank to bind them..."

ICH " -- - These are dark times. While you were sleeping the cockroaches were busy about their work, rummaging through the US Constitution, and putting the finishing touches on a scheme to assert absolute power over the nation's financial markets and the country's economic future. Industry representative Henry Paulson has submitted legislation to congress that will finally end the pretense that Bush controls anything more than reading the lines from a 4' by 6' teleprompter situated just inches from his lifeless pupils. Paulson is in charge now, and the coronation is set for sometime early next week. He rose to power in a stealthily-executed Bankster's Coup in which he, and his coterie of dodgy friends, declared martial law on the US economy while elevating himself to supreme leader.

"All Hail Caesar!" The days of the republic are over.

Section 8 of the proposed legislation says it all:

"Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

Right; "non-reviewable" supremacy.

Congress, of course, is more than eager to abdicate whatever little authority they have left. They're infinitely grateful for their purely ceremonial role, the equivalent of Caligula's horse, albeit, with considerably less dignity. Has even one senator spoken out against this madness, which--according to informal internet polls--is resoundingly rejected by the voters? Does it concern the members of congress at all, that the present financial crisis was brought on by the proliferation and sale of trillions of dollars of mortgage-banked garbage which were fraudulently represented as Triple A rated bonds by the very same people who now claim to need unprecedented and dictatorial powers to fix the problem? Or are they more worried that the steady torrent of contributions which flows from Wall Street to congressional campaign coffers will be inconveniently disrupted if they fail to ratify this latest assault on democratic governance? The House of Representatives is one big steaming dungheap that should be leveled and turned into an amusement park instead of a taxpayer-funded knocking shop. What a pathetic collection of cowards and scumbags.

Bloomberg News: "

"The Bush administration sought unchecked power from Congress to buy $700 billion in bad mortgage investments from financial companies in what would be an unprecedented government intrusion into the markets. Through his plan, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson aims to avert a credit freeze that would bring the financial system and the world's largest economy to a standstill. The bill would prevent courts from reviewing actions taken under its authority.

"He's asking for a huge amount of power,'' said Nouriel Roubini an economist at New York University. ``He's saying, `Trust me, I'm going to do it right if you give me absolute control.' This is not a monarchy." (Bloomberg)

The banksters own this country, always have; only now they've decided to strip away the curtain and reveal the ghoulish visage of the puppet-master. It ain't pretty.

Paulson decided that the financial markets needed an emergency trillion dollar face-lift just weeks before his former business partners at G-Sax were dragged off to the chopping block. Was that the reason? Everyone on Wall Street knew that the bulls-eye had already been ripped from Lehman's bloody back and was about to be fastened on Goldman's. Now, it looks like they will escape their day of reckoning due to Paulson's eleventh-hour reprieve. Nice touch, eh?


"(3) designating financial institutions as financial agents of the Government, and they shall perform all such reasonable duties related to this Act as financial agents of the Government as may be required of them."

Market Ticker's Karl Denninger summed this up best:

"This is the de facto nationalization of the entire banking, insurance and related financial system..That's right - every bank and other financial institution in the United States has just become a de-facto organ of the United States Government, if Hank Paulson thinks they should be, and he may order them to do virtually anything that he claims is in furtherance of this act.....The bill gives Paulson the ability to nationalize unlimited amount of private debt and force you and your children to pay for it."

Denninger again:

"The claim is that this is intended to 'promote confidence and stability' in the financial markets.
It will do no such thing. It will instead strike terror into the hearts of investors worldwide who hold any sort of paper, whether it be preferred stock, common stock or debt, in any financial entity that happens to be domiciled in the United States, never mind the potential impact on Treasury yields and the United States sovereign credit rating.

I predict that if this passes it will precipitate the mother and father of all financial panics." (Market Ticker)

Amen. The transformation from a free market to a centralized, Soviet-style economy run by men whose judgment and credibility is already greatly in doubt; does not auger well for the markets or the country. Anyone with a lick of sense would cash in their chips first thing Monday and look for capital's Elysium Fields overseas or as far as possible from the circus sideshow now run by G-Sax ringleader, Colonel Klink.

Paulson's Chicken Little routine might might have soiled a few senatorial undergarments, but let's hope the American people are made of sterner stuff and will reject this charade. The conversation should be shifted from conceding more authority to hucksters in pin-stripes to indictments for securities fraud. Even the most economically-challenged nation ought to be able to afford a few sets of leg-irons and a couple hundred jail cells. That's all it will take. That, and a couple brisk dunks on the waterboard. Glub, glub.

Paulson's plan to revive the banking system by buying up hundreds of billions of dollars of illiquid mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and other equally poisonous debt-instruments; ignores the fact these complex bonds have already been "marked to market" in the recent firesale by Merrill Lynch. Just weeks ago, Merrill sold $31 billion of these CDOs for roughly $.20 on the dollar and provided 75 percent of the financing, which means that the CDOs were really worth approximately $.06 on the dollar. If this is the settlement that Paulson has in mind, than the taxpayer will be well served. But this will not recapitalize the banks balance sheets or mop up the ocean of red ink which is flooding the financial system. No, Paulson intends to hand out lavish treats to his banker buddies, while interest rates soar, pension funds collapse, the housing market crashes, and the dollar does a last, looping swan-dive into a pool of molten lava. Thanks, Hank.

Economist and author Henry Liu summarized the current maneuvering like this: "The Fed is merely trying to inject money to keep prices not supported by fundamentals from falling. It is a prescription for hyperinflation. The only way to keep price of worthless assets high is to lower the value of money. And that appears to be the Fed unspoken strategy."

Indeed. The Fed and Treasury have decided to backstop the entire global financial system (foreign banks can access the Fed's facilities, too!) with paper money which is rapidly losing its value. Watch the greenback tumble tomorrow in currency trading.

Congress is getting steamrolled and the American people are getting snookered. Consumer confidence--already at historic lows--is headed for the wood-chipper feet-first. Something has got to give.

One minute everything is hunky-dory; the subprime meltdown is "contained" and "the fundamentals of our economy are strong".(Paulson) And, less than a week later, congress is forced to surrender their constitutionally-mandated right to oversee spending in order to forestall economic Armageddon. Which is it? Or is the real objective just to keep the country on an emotional teeter-totter long enough for all state-power to be subsumed by the Wall Street Politburo?

No one knows what will happen next. We are in uncharted waters. And no one knows what the political landscape will look like after the dust settles from this outrageous power grab. According to Paulson, things are so dire, the entire nation will be reduced to smoldering rubble and twisted iron. But can we trust him this time after his long litany of lies?

Isn't it about time to send the cockroaches scuttling back to their hideouts and bring in the cleaning crew to hose the whole place down? It sounds like a job for Ralph Nader, a man of vision and unshakable integrity. Give Ralph a badge and let him deploy his Raiders to Wall Street armed with bullwhips and tasers. Let them post a guard in every CEOs and CFOs office and every boardroom on the Street---and if even one decimal is accidentally moved to the right or left on the corporate ledger; clap them in leg-irons and drag them off squealing to Guantanamo. That's how you clean up Wall Street!

Don't let the prospect of a national crisis trick you into giving up your freedom, America. The people behind this scam are the same landsharks and flim-flam men who polluted the global marketplace with their snake oil and toxic sludge. These are the fraudsters who manufactured the crisis to begin with. This is just the latest installment of the Shock Doctrine; engineer a crisis, and then, steal whatever is left behind. Same sh**, different day. Be resolute. Don't budge. Our economic foundations may be crumbling, but or determination is not. This is our country, not Goldman Sach's. The people who destroyed America must be held to account. Their time is coming. Justice first.


zondag 21 september 2008

Freedom, Not Fear!




What I strongly suggest is an explanation why this year again the headlines will be "Afghanistan Opium Crop Sets Record." And why an opium destroying fungus - called 'Lotus Eater' - is not allowed to be used by the CIA and their managers.

Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF - 21 September 2008 -
How is this possible in a country supposed to be fully under control by the US and NATO's Coalition of the Killing? With a US air force and drones overlooking the whole opium crop in - what they call - their 'war theater'? So the competition can be killed (terrorists!) and is kept out of the very profitable business too? While NATO troops and other mercenaries keep the roads nice and open, which they call 'restructuring'.

"And just who really has the capability to refine, transport and distribute this drug? The CIA and associates are the only ones with that kind of capability and junkies pose no threat to the powers that be. Ever hear of the Boxer Rebellion in China when the people tried to stop the Brits from opiating their people to pacify them?

Same old story. Wolves in sheep's clothing would be an appropriate term, though wolves are hardly bad creatures and much more noble and honest than those who use hard drugs to finance their dirty wars and obsession for power. Of course keeping it illegal by-passes any oversight and garners huge profits as it corrupts everything around it." - rainbowhawkmx in a comment.

But, according to the - now by the murderous military machine dominated - CIA: Any disruption of the drug trade has enormous implications for Afghanistan's economic and political stability. Although its relative strength in the overall economy has diminished as other sectors have expanded in recent years, narcotics is a $2.6 billion-a-year industry that this year provided more than a third of the country's gross domestic product.

CIA Director Michael V. Hayden told Congress: "Right now the issue is stability. . . . Going in there in itself and attacking the drug trade actually feeds the instability that you want to overcome." And Lt. Gen. Michael D. Maples, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency agreed: "There's a real conflict, I think."


That's why an opium destroying fungus called 'Lotus Eater' is not allowed to be used by the CIA and their managers. The opium/heroine trade is just too profitable. The Afghan government has prohibited the aerial herbicide spraying used by U.S. anti-narcotic programs in Latin America. Instead, opium poppy plants in Afghanistan are destroyed by tractors dragging heavy bars. But only 38,500 of nearly 430,000 acres under cultivation were eradicated this year.'' - Url.:


"In the 1990s, a major U.S. university, working closely with an U.S. Army biological warfare lab, developed a genetically altered fungus code-named 'Lotus Eater.' The Lotus Eater fungus is specifically designed to attack the opium poppy plant and nothing else.

The Lotus Eater fungus is reported to be so effective that one potent strain could eliminate almost all the global opium crop within five years of its release. A second, less potent strain was also developed which could wipe out a single season of poppy crop exposed to the fungus, but it could not reproduce itself beyond a short lifetime.

It is here, after the two strains were developed, that the story of the Lotus Eater turns upside down. The Clinton administration suddenly withdrew all research monies, closed the university site and took the fungus strains away. No further research, or development has ever been recorded. In 2002, the U.S. military reportedly offered to use the Lotus Eater fungus on Afghan opium crops. The plan was to use U.S. control of Afghan airspace to seed the fungus from highflying C-130 Hercules transports.


According to high-level intelligence sources, the plan to end opium production inside Afghanistan was nixed by the CIA. The reason given was quite simple. Apparently, there are several large factions inside Afghanistan and Pakistan, friendly to the U.S., that directly depend on funding from opium. These factions threatened to overthrow the Afghan and Pakistani governments if they were not allowed to continue trafficking heroin and opium.

The specter of a nuclear-armed Pakistan being run by radical opium gangs put the Lotus Eater plan on hold. The CIA reportedly noted that if Lotus Eater was released into the poppy fields that several Southeast and Southwest Asian governments would fall. The consequences of a Lotus Eater attack directly effected corrupt elements inside the Russian and Chinese armies as well as the intelligence service inside Pakistan. The disruption of trade could even start a world war in Asia.

It is here that our dark tale ends. The opium and heroin trade continue to flourish. The poppy fields continue to fuel the bank accounts of radical terrorists and addict millions in its wake.

The most powerful nation on earth is a helpless giant, unable to stop the devastating trade even when armed with the ultimate weapon.

We have become the Lotus Eaters."

[end quote] - Url.:

Big Pharma, the very profitable and huge, mostly criminal pharmaceutical industry, has the 'solution' for what also the United Nations calls a 'problem' and which they propagandize now: they'll buy all the opium in Afghanistan, which has 93% of the world market, and turn it into - according to them - 'very much needed' anesthetics...

Just think: what's the price of a liter of oil, and what's the street value of a kilo of heroine?

Henk Ruyssenaars

Google 'selection' - Web Results 1-10 of about 2,460 for HR + Afghanistan - Url.:



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donderdag 18 september 2008

"Meltdown 2008" by Jim Kirwan


by Jim Kirwan

17 September 2008 -
The conspirators of Jekyll Island finally got the Meltdown that their secret little meetings were created to achieve. The story is called "The London Connection" by Eustace Mullins, and it is about how "The FED" was very secretly created. (1)

What am I talking about? The Federal Reserve Bank is not "Federal," it is a privately held central bank; one of the twelve international private central banks that now control the money supply for the planet. The recent events that have "hit" the United States, were planned and carried out as part of this takeover, that was the reason the FED was created in the first place.

When the so-called government asked the FED to step in and takeover AIG, they were actually inviting a private bank (masquerading as part of the Federal government) to take 80% of the targeted Insurance giant' and in exchange the Fed decided to dump the shareholders and save the gamblers that created this mess in the first place. So the "banks" will get the profits and the bailout while the public gets the shaft - again!

Washington Mutual and Wachovia are both up for sale and Morgan Stanley is "having conversations," as of tonight! This financial tsunami is just beginning, and the key player is still wearing its mask that is intended to disguise its true purposes!

The real problem with all of this is that most Americans are still unaware of the true nature of the Federal Reserve Bank and how it came to be called by that name even though it prints our money; it is still not a part of the Federal Government!


As of this morning" "The unprecedented run of events has altered the shape of Wall Street and brings the total amount of government rescue efforts to stabilize the financial system and housing market to about $900 billion."

NOMI PRINS: "In AIG and in Lehman and with Merrill and every other company on Wall Street that has faltered or is faltering, it's about taking on too much leverage and borrowing to take on the risk and borrowing again and borrowing again, twenty-five to thirty times the amount of capital, the amount of money that they had to basically back the borrowing that they were doing. Human regular borrowers cannot do this. This is something that is an item only of the banking industry.

And not only was all that borrowing happening, but there was no transparency to the Fed, to the SEC, to the Treasury, to anyone who would have even bothered to look as to how much of a catastrophe was being created, so that when anything fell, whether it was the subprime mortgage or whether it was a credit complex security, it was all below a pile of immense interlocked, incestuous borrowing, and that's what is bringing down the entire banking system."

"You had at the beginning of the show, McCain saying that this is the result of fraud and incompetence. The government has now bailed them out. But by bailing them out-Wall Street was coming to terms with the bad debts. When Bear Stearns went under and when Lehman Brothers went under, this began to wipe away the bad debts. And when the debts exceed the ability to pay, there's only one thing any economy can do, and that's wipe them out.


And what Paulson did yesterday, in bailing out AIG, was to try to lock in whoever is the next president not only to further bailouts of Wall Street, ostensibly to protect the public money, but to make it impossible to write down the debts of the four million homeowners that are expected to default this year, impossible to write down the debts of companies that have issued junk bonds, impossible for the country to get rid of this excess of debts that can't be repaid. And you're having really a war now of creditors against debtors. And this is what Wall Street has been preparing for. It needed an emergency to do it. It's really not an emergency at all. This has been building up for many years. Everybody expected it. And breathlessly now, the Secretary of Treasury has done it."

MICHAEL HUDSON: "The government has no adequate statistics on what the value of real estate is; what the amount of debt is, because if it did have statistics - it would show that the volume of debt is far in excess of the debtors (ability) to pay and when you have that, you have to do something about it!

Graham (Senator Phil Graham, McCain's top advisor) has said 'don't collect statistics because if you know how these guys are making money they are going to pay taxes on it; and if you don't look at what they're doing - if you let them do it through offshore vehicles - and you let them all bury everything then they're not going to be taxed and that is his (Graham's) constituency: Untaxed, financed and then to shift it all to labor and industry. (2)

The major media outlets are minimizing the costs (lying about the true costs), and attempting to paint this as just another two minute story. The world markets are reacting, Russia's exchange did not open today because it lost 17% of its value yesterday, and the rest of the planet is beginning to reflect what is going on here because the central banks are controlling what is beginning to happen everywhere. (3)


If this outrage doesn't get the attention of all those slumbering yuppies and yahoos in America that can't be bothered with "politics" then maybe they ought to begin sleeping in their coffins so that when the time comes their loved ones can just nail the lid shut and be done with it! Remember, according to McCain 'this election is not about issues, it's about personalities.'

I don't know about you but between the eight years of illegal wars that have killed millions of people, the total failure of the thugs in power to control any aspect of this government or our policies anywhere - hell they can't even run rescue efforts during national disasters, just ask anyone that's been affected-plus the fact that they have yet to keep a single promise they ever made to any of us about anything:

So "let's not talk about the issues," let's just ignore politics a bit longer until there is nothing left to discuss - the Meltdown will take care of everything else.



Also published at APFN site - Url.:


1) The London Connection - Eustace Mullins - Url.:

2) Democracy Now - Sept. 17, 08 - Url.:

3) Russia's Micex Index Falls Most Ever; Exchanges Suspend Trading - Url.:

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Jerusalem - Url.: David Icke -

The List of " The Good" & "The Bad" Banks!! - Url.:

Nation of Assholes Song - Url.:

Achmed the dead Terrorist - Url.:

2nd American Revolution - Url.:<>

Bush Family's Buddies - Url.:

Bush: "I did it my way!" - Url.:


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dinsdag 16 september 2008



The ex-director of Venezuela's State Political & Security Police-DISIP, Captain Eliecer Otaiza, says that a coup d'état against President Hugo Chavez Frias was planned for last Thursday (September 11) to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the CIA-masterminded coup in Chile in 1973 which saw the assassination of democratically elected President Salvador Allende ... and the more recent 9/11 events in New York, USA.


2008-09-16 - But the Venezuelan conspiracy was foiled when Chavez decided to modify the regional military command structure and the retired military would-be coupsters found they did NOT have the critical support or strength of force necessary to enact a successful coup.

Otaiza says that Chavez' strategic thinking, and internal changes to the military hierarchy have achieved a complete transformation of the Venezuelan Armed Forces and there is no doubt that the President has a firm grasp of its top brass.

In a state-owned Venezolana de Television (VTV) broadcast, Monday, Otaiza said the aborted coup and the planned assassination of the President of the Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, was scheduled for last Thursday, but the significance of the changing of the regional military command strategy was lost on the plotters since each of the services had had its own hierarchy but that was changed radically when Chavez stepped in to transform the concept of administrative and operational armed forces.


The new structure immediately upset a series of "business ventures" in which serving soldiers had been engaged, and there was a growing sense of unease in some (corrupt) groups with the result that the retired military officers found they did not have the necessary strength or forcefulness necessary for a coup, although it was realized that they could be seen as a provocation and encouragement to some officers to join the lost cause ... "they would serve as a channel (for rebellion) and had a number of trained personnel to stir up strong anti-government media campaigns."

Otaiza - who was in charge of the presidential protection team until he was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident - stressed that some sectors of the Venezuelan media have criminal intent in their reporting of events. He singled out the opposition-controlled 24/7 TV news channel, Globovision as being very much involved in criminal undertakings to overthrow the elected government.

Meanwhile, Otaiza says the ex-Minister of Defense General Raul Isias Baduel and several other former Ministers had deliberately delayed the implementation of Chavez' changes within the Armed Forces because their allegiances lay elsewhere ... that the United States military has had too much influence over Venezuela's strategic defense and military planning since World War 2 and that since he (Chavez) came to power, that influence has been in steady decline.


Chavez' last Thursday announcement that a number of high-ranking suspects had been detained shows that the foiled assassination/coup d'etat is part of an update onslaught against Venezuela and its neighbors in Latin America to violate each nation's sovereign rights and to subjugate Latin America to Washington's dictate. The President has also warned Bolivia's Evo Morales and Brazil's Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva that the situation today is different from that which existing when the CIA-coup against Salvador Allende was staged and Augusto Pinochet was installed as a puppet of both Washington and London.

President Chavez now urges opposition sectors in Venezuela "to refrain from embarking on such a venture," since they will be resolutely rejected with "a heavy revolutionary blow."

Already on the eve of Venezuela's 9/11, VTV 'La Hojilla' TV-host Mario Silva had released a video recording of two generals and a vice admiral talking about plans to assassinate Chavez, including the downing of the presidential plane or the bombing the Miraflores Presidential Palace.

Communications & Information (Minci) Minister Andres Izarra says that he has intelligence reports that show the involvement of private media executives --including directors of Globovision and the El Nacional daily -- in the subversive plan. Izarra described media blackout as "surprising" but added that he had already experienced similarities with the days prior to April 11, 2002, coup d'etat when he had been a news director at Radio Caracas Television (RCTV) and decided to resign rather than be forced to censor the news of President Chavez' return to power.


Meanwhile, the mainly opposition, privately-owned media had maintained a discomforted silence over the VTV coup/assassination revelations with the result that Chavez ordered a simultaneous television and radio rebroadcast of the video on all terrestrial channels for the whole nation to see and hear.

TV journalist Mario Silva says he had additional information about the alleged involvement of former Defense Minister, retired General Raul Isaias Baduel, and a prominent shipping executive in the plans. He says "we will present all these testimonies to the National Assembly and the Attorney General's Office as soon as possible because the Venezuelan people must be made aware that these people are talking about bombing Caracas and using planes to attack the Miraflores Palace."

"That is why we are calling on all of the people to immediately mobilize to prevent such criminal plans from going unpunished, or ending up as a simple police complaint that's filed away in a convenient drawer to be forgotten."


Story Url.:


Venezuela is facing the most difficult period of its history with honest reporters crippled by sectarianism on top of rampant corruption within the administration and beyond, aided and abetted by criminal forces in the US and Spanish governments which cannot accept the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people to decide over their own future.


VHeadline Venzuela News
Caracas Venezuela
Roy S. Carson
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VHeadline Venzuela News
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Roy S. Carson
Phone: +1 713 893 1433
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Volksopstand 2008

15 september 2008

Vrijbit roept op tot deelname aan de demonstratie/manifestatie Volksopstand 2008

De nog maar pas opgerichte vereniging Vrijbit organiseert op
Zaterdag 11 oktober 2008 van 12:00 tot 17:00 uur de ludieke protest manifestatie 'Volksopstand2008' op het Plein in Den Haag.

Volgens de organisatoren is de aanleiding van deze demonstratie / manifestatie het steeds verder inperken van het burgerrecht op privacy in Nederland. In de afgelopen jaren zijn de door onze ouders, grootouders, en overgrootouders verkregen burgerrechten steeds vaker onder spanning komen te staan. Veelal onder het mom van de bestrijding van zware criminaliteit, kinderporno en terrorisme, in de wens naar een veiligere samenleving. Hierbij is de balans tussen veiligheid en burgerrechten zo verstoord dat we afsteven op een samenleving gebaseerd op angst en wantrouwen.

De organisatoren willen door middel van voorlichting en ludieke acties het publieke bewustzijn vergroten. Ze willen aandacht vragen voor het privacy vraagstuk in het algemeen, en dat vanuit zoveel mogelijk hoeken belichten. Diverse politieke en maatschappelijke organisaties zullen hun steun verlenen aan de demonstratie.

Wereldwijd zullen op deze dag onder de noemer 'Freedom Not Fear' in tientallen landen acties plaatsvinden in een roep vanuit de bevolking voor meer democratie, voor vrijheid van meningsuiting, voor mensenrechten en burgerlijke vrijheden, en tegen censuur, massa toezicht en het grootschalig opslaan van alle mogelijke persoonsgegevens.

Directe aanleiding voor het initiatief van de Volksopstand waren de 'vingerafdruk' plannen van de overheid,de wetsvoorstellen om een database aan te leggen met daarin de vingerafdrukken van alle Nederlanders vanaf zes jaar, de opname van vingerafdrukken in de paspoorten en ID kaarten per 28-6-2009 en de plannen om op straat direct van mensen waarvan men de identiteit graag wil weten ter plaatse vingerafdrukken te kunnen laten afnemen.

Vrijbit wil dat deze demonstratie / manifestatie de aanzet zal geven tot een grote onafhankelijke, structurele burgerrechtenbeweging die zich voor de langere termijn kan inzetten voor het behoud van burgerrechten op privacy in de ruimste zin van het woord. De vereniging Vrijbit heeft de ambitie om hierin een overkoepelende functie te gaan vervullen. Hoe meer mensen deze beweging steunen des te lastiger het wordt voor politici om de burger te negeren.

Vrijbit roept daarom iedereen op om door massaal naar de Volksopstand2008 te komen, te laten zien dat burgerrechten belangrijk zijn!

De sleutelwoorden van deze dag zijn: Ludiek protest, Voorlichting, en Samenwerken.

Iedereen die in Nederland actief is op privacy gebied, en een boodschap uit wil dragen krijgt daartoe op 11 oktober de kans. Informatie stands vormen een heuse privacy markt, waar informatie over privacy schendende en privacy beschermende maatregelen te verkrijgen is, en waar pro-privacy organisaties zich anderszins in de kijker kunnen zetten. Het programma is volop in voorbereiding een samenvatting daarvan vind u op

Voor meer informatie zie