zondag 28 september 2008

Financial Collapse and Destructive War

by J. R. Nyquist

I took a break while working on this column and read an email which contained the following phrase: “several U.S. Treasury charts are not unlike what you see before a country goes into default.” The email writer noted, “That really would be ‘game over’ for the United States. “

If the United States went bankrupt the following sequence would occur: The U.S. government would lose its credibility, the country’s currency would fail and imports could not be maintained – especially oil imports. There would be shortages. But the sequence doesn’t end with shortages. It doesn’t end with mere economic loss. When the financial structure collapses, the national security structure collapses. Then nothing will restrain the military power of Russia and China.

A few days ago Russia’s representative to NATO, Dimitry Rogozin, made a striking statement. He warned that the Europeans risk war if Georgia joins the alliance. “We will terminate all contact with NATO because we cannot cooperate with an organization which supports an aggressor against us. If NATO makes another mistake in its relations with the East, we will be unable to continue our relations. Our people will not understand. For us, it is a ‘red line.’” He then characterized Mikhail Saakashvili as a war criminal and “puppet of the United States.” Rogozin warned that Europe should stay out of the “somebody else’s war, which is a war against Russia.”

What did Rogozin mean by this? If the Europeans know what is good for them, they will leave the Americans to fend for themselves. In other words – Europe must break with the United States. The real conflict is between Russia and America. Europe need not get involved. The Kremlin’s position was clarified recently by Prime Minister Putin. He said that George Bush was a good man, but that George Bush was no longer in charge of the U.S. government. Evil advisors have taken over in Washington, and these must be dealt with.

If you follow Russia closely, and listen to the words of Russian leaders, then you know that there is a low-level war being fought between Russia and America. In fact, it is a war of national survival and Russia is determined to prevail. This has not been stated directly, but was indirectly alluded to by Vladimir Putin when he spoke to the Russian people after the Beslan massacre in 2004. “Despite all the difficulties,” said Putin in a televised speech, “we have managed to preserve the core of the colossus that was the Soviet Union.” And that core has come under attack. “Someone” wants to destroy what remains of the USSR.

The Russian leadership is consistent in its policy. Talk of Russia’s “partnership” with America has always been a smokescreen. The Kremlin seeks to justify future military action against the United States and has long been building a case. The Kremlin wants America cut off from its allies, and has patiently waited for the advent of financial collapse as the signal to push hard for Europe’s neutrality. As explained in previous columns, this is the basis of Russia’s recent turn of policy.

“Some want to cut a juicy morsel from us,” said Putin in 2004, referring to the oil-rich Caucasus region. “Others are helping them. They are helping because they believe that, as one of the world’s major nuclear powers, Russia still poses a threat to them, and therefore this threat must be removed. And terrorism, of course, is only a tool for achieving these goals.” They want to break the back of the Russian state. They want to deprive Russia of its nuclear arsenal because it “still” threatens them. “This is a challenge to the whole of Russia,” Putin explained, “to the whole of our people. This is an attack on our country.” The plan is to “intimidate” Russia with “inhuman cruelty,” to “paralyze our will and demoralize our society.” The Russian president added: “It would appear that we have a choice of resisting them or agreeing to their claims, surrendering or allowing them to destroy and split Russia….”

It is a case of kill or be killed, split or be split. Russia is therefore at war with America. “One cannot fail to see the obvious,” said Putin. “We are not just dealing with separate actions aimed at frightening us, or separate terrorist sorties. We are dealing with direct intervention by way of terrorism against Russia, with total, cruel and full-scale war in which our compatriots die again and again.”

Putin is lying, of course. He knows that the wars of the Caucasus were contrived by the Russian General Staff and the KGB. The Kremlin has long operated on the basis of a secret policy. This policy includes the retreat from ideology, the abdication of the Communist Party and false liberalization. KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn described this secret policy five years before the Berlin Wall came down, warning that a long-range strategy had been jointly agreed upon by Russia and China in 1960. He outlined the details of the planned collapse of Communism: including the unification of Germany, the elimination of the Warsaw Pact and the push for European neutrality at the outset of a renewed Cold War. To be sure, no policy works exactly as the planners envisioned. There were setbacks and delays. But the objective of the conspiracy remains. It is global revolution. This was Lenin’s conception. This was also the rationale of the Soviet state and the mission of the KGB.

The collapse of the Soviet Union was conceived as a strategic maneuver in the late 1950s. It was discussed by KGB Chairman Alexander Shelepin at a secret meeting in 1959. The KGB infiltrated and financed various dissident movements inside the Soviet Bloc. The future role of these movements was clear. A period of fake democracy would be initiated and the West would be “put to sleep.” The Communists in the East denied their faith publicly. They repeated Lenin’s New Economic Policy with a straight face and their hands out.

When Communism lost its official standing in Russia, the Communists discovered the feebleness of their revolutionary order. They discovered that fraud is a two-way street. The party bosses weren’t the only ones who could steal, cheat and lie. The reality of the Soviet economy was, in part, expressed in a simple formula: “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.” A fraudulent system engenders a fraudulent citizenry and a hollow center. The Soviet public suspected the official ideology was rotten with lies; so once the bankruptcy of the system was publicly admitted the people were confirmed in their cynicism. Besides this, they never really cared about class struggle. The ruling ideology was not theirs. They did not choose it willingly, or embrace it enthusiastically. It was imposed on them by Lenin and Stalin. Only a sub-faction within the aspiring cadre of the Communist Party Soviet Union appreciated Marxist concepts. For such people, Communist ideas signified foreknowledge and power. It was the science and method, pure and rigorous, of global revolutionary conquest. It was a method of seizing power, winning wars and crushing enemies. That is why Mao Zedong scoffed at the atomic bomb. Weapons don’t decide everything, he said. Man decides what happens, and men are guided by ideas, and the ideas of Marx and Lenin are “more powerful than a machine gun,” and more destructive than the atomic bomb.

To understand the power of Communist ideas we must come to terms with the emergence of the modern nihilistic misfit and his special brand of narcissistic megalomania. Lenin once wrote that there is no such thing as Communist dogma. This statement may confuse the party idiots, but it clarifies the real situation for the politically perceptive. The apparent abdication of the Communists during the period 1989-91 was a subterfuge long in the making. It was conceivable by the strategists in Moscow because the framework of their ideology involved the integration of sociology, economics and psychology with politics and war. It represented the science of “divide and conquer” carried to perfection.

Today the name of Hitler has become a caricature. In our mind’s eye we see the carpet-chewing megalomaniac foaming at the mouth, screaming hate before demented crowds, parading around with goose-stepping soldiers. We call Hitler a “madman” and dismiss him as an aberration. We fool ourselves by thinking there is nobody like him today. But the leaders in Moscow and Beijing are more cunning and better equipped for mass extermination than Hitler ever was. The leaders of the totalitarian countries, behind the façade of liberal reform, are serial killers imprinted with an impulse to butchery. They want more victims, and they want the victims piled ever higher. These are the blood-proofs of their power, and the ultimate assurance of longed-for preeminence.

If the ancient Romans destroyed Carthage without nuclear weapons, without modern instruments of war, what will Moscow and Beijing do to the United States when America is paralyzed by financial collapse? Again and again I am asked the question: Why would the leaders of Russia or China want to destroy the United States? One might as well ask why Hitler sought the destruction of the Jews. Why did Genghis Khan exterminate entire cities and depopulate entire regions of the earth? You say that these are the acts of “madmen.” But history is populated with madmen.

Everyone can see that Lenin’s successors have refused to bury him. They buried Stalin. They buried Khrushchev. They buried everyone in the country. But they refuse to bury Lenin. He lays in state, in his mausoleum, the great symbol of Communism’s persistence and the KGB’s ongoing mission. The cadre stays the course. The dynamos continue to propel the great engine of destruction. They are there, wearing their masks – in league with their comrades around the globe (in Cuba, in Venezuela, in Bolivia, in South Africa, in Congo, in the American universities). Only when they bury Lenin, only when the Red Tsar is laid to rest, should we accept the death of Communism as an authentic happening in Russia. You see, it doesn’t matter if one percent of a country actually adheres to something. If that one percent is driven to dominate, if that one percent guides the machine, if that one percent makes policy and follows the same old strategy, then the rest are fodder. They are grist for a terrible mill. Ideas are decisive in every system, even if those ideas are a rationale for mass murder, even if those ideas only appeal to thieves and murderers. The killer has an impulse to kill, the tyrant to tyrannize and the warmonger to make war. Vladimir Putin has referred to himself as a “Soviet person.” He has publicly decried the fall of the Soviet Union. He has overseen the return of Soviet symbols to the Russian military, the rebuilding and modernization of key elements of the old Soviet war machine. Whether he is a true tsar or the public face of a secret ruling group, the spirit of Lenin bleeds through his cold Napoleonic façade.

America’s financial collapse threatens to uncork the totalitarian genie from its bottle. I believe it is too late to stop the worst from happening. The sequence has begun. The Kremlin knew that a financial crash was about to take place. They’ve been waiting on it. They are prepared to exploit it. And the Americans are completely oblivious. They are utterly unprepared.

Bron: http://www.financialsense.com/stormwatch/geo/pastanalysis/2008/0919.html