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By Robert Thompson - July 18, 2008

Editor's Note: The article discussed below is included at the end of the document, both in translation and in the original French. Translation into English by Robert Thompson, with additional edits from Siv O'Neall.

A most interesting study dated 14th July 2008 by Thierry Meyssan, entitled Operation Sarkozy, has been brought to my attention on how the CIA managed to place one of its agents, namely Mr Nicolas Sarkozy, as president of the French Republic.

To make his point, Mr Meyssan does not content himself with vague conjecture, but puts together checkable facts relating to the relationship between our President and the CIA (the well-known terrorist organisation financed by the tax-payers in the USA), and the USA establishment in general, with a view to ensuring that French policy should be dramatically re-aligned to serve the interests of the present USA administration (not, of course, the people of the USA).

The links between various arms of the USA establishment and Mr Sarkozy are much closer than I could ever have imagined, although I was aware of a fair number of the facts reported and examined by Mr Meyssan. I had not however thought, and this is indeed my own fault, how closely these links tie up with other links with groups on both sides of the Atlantic allied, or similar, to the Mafia and other conspiratorial bodies based in Italy and neighbouring states as well as being well entrenched in the USA.

Acceptance of the arguments put forward by Mr Meyssan serves to explain many of the otherwise seemingly inexplicable decisions made by Mr Sarkozy since he took over from Jacques Chirac in 2007, as well as giving very personal private reasons (previously totally unknown to me, but then I am not a fan of the gossip columns) for the obvious dislike, and perhaps even hatred, which Mr Chirac has for his successor.

This article should be read by everyone as the implications are extremely serious for the future of the world. I make this claim not because France is still a great power - it is not and most of us recognise this - but it shows a more subtle means of achieving a coup d'état than using military or other violent means.

Mr Meyssan very carefully tracks the whole story of Mr Sarkozy's rise within the ranks of the successive parties which have claimed to be "Gaulliste" (as following the broad lines of policy laid down by the General [Charles de Gaulle - HR] - later President, but many of us still think of him as the great leader during the Second World War from 1940 onwards).

It is a tale of most cunning duplicity supported by hyper-intelligent backing from within the USA establishment." - [end excerpt]

This is a very interesting story, and you should really do yourself a favor and read it. Because it gives quite an insight in why some do what to whom. And what for!

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