donderdag 5 juni 2008

Dear friend of referendums

Thank you for your support for a referendum on the website.

Unfortunately there will only be one referendum - in Ireland on 12 June.

We are sending you some links to practical information about the Lisbon Treaty.

1. A consolidated version of the Lisbon Treaty prepared for the Institute of
International & European Affairs by Peadar ó Broin:

2. The reader friendly edition of the consolidated version compiled by Jens-Peter
Bonde for the Foundation for EU Democracy:

3. A link to which defines words and terminology used in the
European lexicon:

4. Comparative tables (Nice, Constitutional, Lisbon): 

5. We also enclose two links to commentaries about the Lisbon Treaty -

a) "A True Guide to the Lisbon Treaty" is by Andrew Duff, the Liberal coordinator
of the Constitutional affairs committee and EP-representative in the Convention and the IGC:

b) "From EU Constitution to Lisbon Treaty" by Jens-Peter Bonde who
represented the EU-critics in the two constitutional conventions:

6. A video for the Irish No campaign:

You are welcome to use these materials and send them to your friends.

Kind regards

Jens-Peter Bonde
former MEP and President of EUDemocrats